TÅR coffee liqueur is a brand new product in the Norwegian market. Found at Vinmonopolet (349,90 - 50 cl) and available for Horeca customers through Vectura deliverance.
The liqueur is made with high quality ingredients: Brazilian light roasted espresso coffee, Norwegian potato spirit, water and chocolate.

We have chosen a naturally processed single origin (single coffee farm) coffee from Brazil to form the base of our liqueur. The roast profile for the coffee is done in a Norwegian espresso roast style. This means that it is lighter roasted and aims to highlight sweetness, elegance and fruit notes found in the coffee. We have cold extracted the coffee in Norwegian spirit to create a uniquely coffee infused spirit experience. Blending the Brazilian coffee with a darker roasted coffee during the cold brew process allows us to extract an intense, sweet and full-bodied coffee that is mixed with our coffee infused spirit, resulting in a balanced, elegant and smooth coffee liqueur.

Not too sweet – and perfect to drink on its own. Alcohol percentage is 18%.

Bottled at Oslo Håndverksdestilleri, the handcraft distillery located just by Alna river in Oslo. 

TÅR is a co-creation betweeen a cream liqueur pioneer and a coffee guru. You can read more about the team here.